Northeast Economic Development Assoc.

NEDA is a network of professionals from across disciplines committed to innovative and effective economic and community development in the Northeast. Our mission is to connect, inform and inspire our partners to do great things for their communities and to be a voice of successful economic development in our region.

History & Profile

Since its founding in 1956 (as the “Northeastern Industrial Developers Association” or NIDA), the Northeastern Economic Developers Association has promoted professional economic and industrial development throughout the Northeastern United States, enabling our partners to strengthen their local and regional economies and enhance overall quality of life. NEDA champions effective, innovative economic development practice, and is the Northeast’s strongest professional resource for economic developers. Through NEDA membership, economic development practitioners, officials, and volunteer leaders develop and perfect their development tools, network with others in the field, and partner regionally to do the work of economic development.

Active partnership is open to any person, entity or firm who's involved in supporting economic development activity, and to any person who, by virtue of membership on any Board, Commission, or similar body participates in the economic development of their community, region, or State as a volunteer, local elected official, or otherwise.

Northeastern Economic Developers Association partners build stronger economies throughout the Northeastern United States, including Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont, as well as the District of Columbia.