NEDA 2019 Standing Committee Structure


Board Development

Steward board recruitment and ongoing development.
Primary Committee Responsibilities:
  • Revise board recruitment materials
  • Create onboarding materials
  • Handle nominations and pass to Executive Committee
  • Develop board development/training activities .


Marketing & Communications

Develop language and strategy for communication with the NEDA community.


Primary Committee Responsibilities:
  • Create materials/language so we all have the same basics for speaking/writing about NEDA
  • Plan and execute campaign for introducing NEDA into new territory/groups
  • Plan and execute campaign for marketing 2019 events throughout the year
  • Provide support/advice to other working groups


Identify and coordinate educational and other programs.

Primary Committee Responsibilities:

  • Identify synergistic learning opportunities/programs that align with NEDA strategy
  • Coordinate with Marketing & Communications Committee to market, etc. for NEDA community
  • Remain in contact with NEDA's network seeking best practices to share with our partners


Community & Business Development

Develop and steward NEDA’s business model and strategy. Oversight of community and partnership development.

Primary Committee Responsibilities:

  • Create multiple-year fund development plan
  • Cultivate sponsor relationships
  • Identify groups and individuals in our target audiences to enroll
  • Develop processes for onboarding, stewarding membership
  • Create/find ways to reach out to new members, e.g. NEDA table at events, etc.