NEDA 2018 Standing Committee Structure


Board Development

Steward board recruitment and ongoing development.
Primary Committee Responsibilities:
  • Revise board recruitment materials
  • Create onboarding materials
  • Handle nominations and pass to Executive Committee
  • Develop board development/training activities .


Marketing & Communications

Develop language and strategy for communication with the NEDA community.


Primary Committee Responsibilities:
  • Create materials/language so we all have the same basics for speaking/writing about NEDA
  • Plan and execute campaign for introducing NEDA into new territory/groups
  • Plan and execute campaign for marketing 2018 conference and activities throughout the year
  • Provide M&C support/advice to other working groups


Identify and coordinate educational and other programs.

Primary Committee Responsibilities:

  • Identify synergistic learning opportunities/programs that align with NEDA strategy
  • Coordinate with ADG to market, etc. for NEDA community


Business Development/Financial Strategy

Develop and steward NEDA’s business model and strategy.

Primary Committee Responsibilities:

  • Create multiple-year fund development plan
  • Cultivate sponsor base


Partnerships & Affiliations

Identify and act as the coordinating team for educational and other programs with partner and state associations as created by actions of the board.



Conference Awards & Selection

The role of this workgroup is the primary action team for the annual conference awards. This team sets the criteria and categories for the annual best practices awards.

Primary Committee Responsibilities:

  • Printed materials & Literature
  • Community Profiles/Annual Reports
  • Single Print Ad
  • Ad & Media Campaigns
  • Websites
  • Social & Mobile Media
  • Targeted Industry Material
  • Special Events


Community/Membership Development

Oversight of community and membership development.

Primary Committee Responsibilities:

  • Identify groups and individuals in our target audiences to enroll
  • Develop processes for onboarding, stewarding membership
  • Create/find ways to reach out to new members, e.g. NEDA table at events, etc.