Organization: Northern Community Investment Corporation

Northern Community Investment Corporation provides capital and expertise to strengthen businesses, communities and employment opportunities across New Hampshire and Vermont.

Position: Director of Economic Development

The Director of Economic Development receives general supervision and direction from the President who delegates the necessary authority to carry out the responsibilities described below.  The Director of Economic Development implements and follows policies and priorities set by the President.  The President’s team must work closely together to perform to a standard that will result in effective services to the corporation and its affiliates.

General Responsibilities and Accountabilities: 

The Director of Economic Development provides community and economic development services to businesses, organizations and communities in the NCIC Service Area.  Specific accountabilities include:

  1. Conceiving, structuring and implementing community and economic development projects, including grant writing as needed, in order to implement the project. Providing ongoing oversight of the project from concept to completion.
  2. Managing a team whose service assists organizations, businesses and communities with regional economic development initiatives. Services may range from project management, grant management and grant administration to coordination of the organization’s activities and monitoring of the organization’s expenditures.  Fees-based agreements are common in these projects\.
  3. Establishing, maintaining, and improving communications and constructive working relationships with all individuals and organizations appropriate to NCIC’s goals and objectives including representatives of local, regional, state and national/federal public and private sector institutions. Such responsibilities include dissemination of public information as appropriate and representing the organization to the public.
  4. Managing a team who structures, writes and coordinates grant applications, working closely with grant agencies including but not limited to USDA, EDA, State Community Development Block Grant Program and HUD.
  5. Oversee systems that include the maintenance of grant files for administration and management.
  6. Assessing community and economic development needs of the NCIC region and implementing measures within NCIC’s capacity to address those needs.
  7. Other tasks or projects as assigned by the President.

Supervision Exercised

The Director of Economic Development provides administrative and technical supervision to the Economic Development team.  Accordingly, the Director of Economic Development leads and balances work-loads according to priorities, evaluates work performance, and provides training as needed in order to meet the organization’s objectives and mission.


  • Bachelor’s degree at an accredited college or university or equivalent work experience.
  • Five years of economic development experience.
  • Five years of experience with federal grant programs and private foundations.
  • Detail oriented with ability to coordinate multiple project timelines and reporting schedules with accuracy.
  • Strong computer skills, particularly in word, excel.
  • Strong commitment to quality work, working as team member, customer service and high productivity.
  • Strong organizational skills with ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks and responsibilities.
  • Strong customer service orientation with pleasant and outgoing personality.
  • Strong communication skills including successful written proposals.
  • Has detailed orientation and high work ethic.
  • Has contacts with and is respected by state, local and regional economic development agencies.
  • Has a working knowledge of NCIC businesses and communities.

For job description and additional information, contact Mike Welch, 802-748-5101, ext. 2025, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..