NEDA Webinar | Blockchain 101: What it is and Its Role in Economic Development

Join NEDA for a Webinar on Blockchain Technology presented by Nick Kammerman of Chateaux.

Thursday, February 27, 2020 at 1:00pm

Nick Kammerman is the Director of Business Development for Chateaux.  Chateaux is a boutique applications consulting firm located in Norwalk, CT.  They are IBM, AWS, and Microsoft business partners who specialize in the development of blockchain platforms.  In addition to his role at Chateaux, Nick serves as the Chairman of the State of CT Blockchain Working Group as well as Vice-Chairman of the E-Notarization Working Group.

This webinar will focus on blockchain technology and its effect on economic development.  Nick will begin by giving a quick overview as a Blockchain 101.  He will also discuss some interesting uses cases for blockchain as well as talk about economic areas that may be affected by this. 

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