35th International Conference on Business Incubation (ICBI35)


The Information and Connecting Point for Entrepreneurial Support Professionals

For 35 years, InBIA’s annual conference – the International Conference on Business Incubation (ICBI) – has been the primary venue for incubation and other entrepreneurial support professionals to share best practices, proven strategies, effective tools and relevant insights with an audience of peers. As the world recovers from the impacts of a destructive global pandemic, connecting with peers and sharing information is more important than ever before. This week-long, virtual event will feature:

  • Peer-led sessions with actionable strategies and tools
  • Discussions focused on confronting challenges and brainstorming new approaches
  • Attendee meetings, facilitated as appropriate by computer-generated matchmaking 
  • Special interest groups to connect people with similar programs
  • Curated products and services to help make the job of supporting entrepreneurs easier