The Artist is the City: Public Art and Urban Identity


GARAGE TALKS is a dynamic new series of keynote lectures and masterclasses that will explore issues of urbanism, community, and climate change.


Jared Hueter, Passageways Co-curator, Chattanooga, TN (

Molly Hunter & Greg Corso, Cofounders of Sports Collaborative (

Garage Talks is a series of five events, hosted by the Troy Innovation Garage, that will take place from September 2019 - May 2020. Each event feature a nationally-recognized speaker presenting case studies of urban problem solving in action. The Garage Talk series will culminate in a forum around public art in cities and produce a visually-rich publication documenting the yearlong conversation.

An accompanying series of masterclasses for a select group will extend and deepen the conversation and lead to possible policy suggestions.

Reif Larsen, the 2019-2020 Writer-in-Residence at the Troy Innovation Garage, will host the Garage Talks series.