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27 Jan

The Fundamentals of Economic Development Finance WebCourse is the foundation for all of CDFA’s educational offerings. This course will


24 Feb
Intro Bond Finance WebCourse
02.24.2021 - 02.25.2021

Bonds are the bedrock of development finance and are used to help build roads, bridges, sewers, city halls, hospitals, and thousands of


24 Mar
Intro Tax Increment Finance WebCourse
03.24.2021 - 03.25.2021

The Intro Tax Increment Finance WebCourse offers an in-depth look at the guiding principles and appropriate application of TIF. This course


28 Apr

Opportunity Zones, a federal economic development tool that provides tax incentives for investments in low income communities, is one of


17 May

Four universities created the Advanced Economic Development Leadership executive education course – an experiential two-week program designed