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 Bonus Podcast! Listen to NEDA Past President Abby Strauss' interview with Michael H. Shuman.

We NEDA Talk! Diversity + Economic Development in Practice: Thoughts from an Emerging Leader in the Field
Recorded Live on March 16

Economic and Community Development Professionals: How do young practitioners affect change? How do you get initiatives moving forward? How do you develop your voice? What challenges do you and have you faced entering the field of economic development?

Communities: What happens when you want to embrace diversity, but miss the mark?

Jobany Bedoya is a well-known leader in the Latino community in Pennsylvania. He is the Director of Development for ASSETS, a non-profit that works with start-up businesses to form a more ethical economy. They work in grassroots economic development by providing significant training and financing for entrepreneurs.

Jobany is also an entrepreneur extraordinaire and owns Red Tie Affairs. He has successfully developed regional premier networking events called Diversity Mixers, providing a platform for entrepreneurs and professionals of all ages to come together in a safe and mentoring environment to learn how to find their voice.

Jobany will present his experiences and challenges as a Latino young professional and how he developed successful collaborations and partnerships to effect meaningful community change.


We NEDA Talk! Expectations of the New Administration
Recorded Live on January 26

The old Chinese curse "may we live in interesting times" is playing out in America.

What does this mean for economic and community development in 2021?

How will the change in power in Washington impact our contacts, the programs we have relied on and new pandemic related and economic recovery programs that we need to jump start our local economies?

Join this conversation and provide your perspective and hear from others. NEDA will be using your ideas to create a webinar later in the Spring, showcasing new leaders and answering your questions. But first let's have a discussion about where we are right now.

NEDA Board Members Robert Santy, Kenneth Mbonu & Lyle Sclair will moderate this month's We NEDA Talk. Grab your lunch and join Bob, Kenneth and Lyle along with other members of the NEDA community for an open discussion.


Recorded Live on December 10
The Future of Shopping Malls & Retail
Recorded Live on December 10

Consumer spending may continue to drive the nation’s economy but those dollars and credit card purchases are not flowing into shopping malls or downtown retail establishments the way they used to. This has triggered a wave of bankruptcies and dislocations in the retail sector that have been exacerbated by the pandemic-induced shutdowns and employment cuts. While ecommerce brands thrive, traditional brick and mortar retailers are struggling, resulting in vacancies and depleted tax rolls across the country. This webinar, featuring retail, real estate, and economic development experts, will address the situation facing shopping malls and retail, exploring some of the pain points but also offering insights into new strategies that can inject vitality and growth into the sector. Come join us for an informative discussion on what is going on (or not) in America’s malls and downtowns to learn how your town or community can continue to attract shoppers on the hunt for the latest bargain.


    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.President, Downtown Strategies
    • Daniel Stevenson - Economic Development Director, Town of Westbrook, ME
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., CDP, CRRP - Vice President of Leasing, WS Development
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., AIA LEED AP - Principal, Amenta Emma Architects


Thursday, October 29
Re-Opening Realities 2 -- Small Business Needs:
Supporting Small, Minority- & Women-Owned Business in the Age of COVID

Micro, minority- and women-owned businesses are the sources of growth and vibrancy in our downtowns, town centers and neighborhood districts. Access to capital can determine if businesses can make it through reduced revenues during the COVID-19 pandemic, and micro, minority- and women-owned businesses often face greater challenges in securing capital. Our panel of distinguished guests, discussed the overall and capital needs of small businesses, including restauranteurs, retailers and service providers, along with strategies communities are using to address and support the wide range of small business needs, particularly those of WMBEs. Our panelists were MassINC’s Transit-Oriented Development Fellow Tracy Corley, Upstate New York Black Chamber of Commerce Co-founder, President and CEO Anthony M. Gaddy, Coastal Enterprises, Inc. Women's Business Center Director Sarah, and Putnam Redevelopment Agency Director of Economic and Community Development Delpha Very. The event was followed by a virtual happy hour where participants shared their choices of beverage chosen from a women- or minority-owned business. Check out this list we shared of breweries, wineries and distilleries in the Northeast that are minority- and women-owned! 

This webinar was sponsored by:
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Wednesday, August 12
The Changing Face of the Office Market and
Environment in the Northeast: an Update from the Experts

Grab your lunch, tune in, lean back and listen up while our commercial office experts talk about how their world is changing in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • What's happening to the market?
  • How is the pandemic redefining the workspace?
  • How are they helping tenants feel ready to return to work?
  • What will be the longterm effects on how we all envision "the office."

NEDA is pleased to welcome Jeff Mirel of The Rosenblum Companies, Pati Barclay of Herman Miller and our moderator and NEDA Vice President Pamela Shupp Menet of Greater Reading Chamber Alliance for this interactive event.


Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Reopening Realities: Lessons from the Field (Part I)
Re-opening businesses after the COVID-19 pandemic is a top priority paired with many serious concerns for leaders across the Northeast. Facing brand new challenges, individuals in our field are working to create --- and then implement, policies and practices that will support businesses in a successful, safe reopening. Join three leaders from across the Northeast as they share lessons from their reopening. Our speakers come from Maine, where the reopening has been underway for over a month, to Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey that are more recently reopening. They also represent practitioners who represent the state, local, and business district levels of leadership working hand-in-hand with business owners in unprecedented ways on safety protocols, public space management, and regulatory change. Our panelists were Maine Commissioner of Economic Community Development Heather Johnson, City of New Haven CT Economic Development Administrator Michael Piscitelli, AICP, and Chris Bernardo, President and CEO of Commercial District Services, LLC in New Jersey.



Thursday, June 4, 2020
NEDA Region Strategies for Recovery
Countries, states, regions and cities are all impacted in different ways by the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Economic developers, chambers and businesses of all sizes are wondering, “What’s next?”. This webinar our expert panel addressed how economic development professionals can lead their community through new business hurdles and opportunities presented by the crisis. We also reviewed strategies to achieve stability and long-term growth as we move beyond COVID-19 shut-downs and stay-at-home orders. Panelists included Nadine Jeserich, PhD, VP of Analytics for ROI Research on Investment; Steven Jast, President and Founder of ROI Research on Investment and; and Kirsten McGregor, Principal of SAGAX Associates. Our moderator was NEDA Board Member David Campbell of Advance CT.


Thursday, February 27, 2020
Blockchain 101: What it is and Its Role in Economic Development
This webinar focused on blockchain technology and its effect on economic development, providing a quick overview and discussing some interesting use cases for blockchain as well as discussing economic areas that may be affected by this. Our speaker was Nick Kammerman, Director of Business Development for Chateaux, a boutique applications consulting firm located in Norwalk, CT. They are IBM, AWS, and Microsoft business partners who specialize in the development of blockchain platforms. In addition to his role at Chateaux, Nick serves as the Chairman of the State of CT Blockchain Working Group as well as Vice-Chairman of the E-Notarization Working Group.