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Join us on Tuesday, January 26 at noon for this lunchtime opportunity for some informal networking with economic development colleagues.

The old Chinese curse "may we live in interesting times" is playing out in America.

What does this mean for economic and community development in 2021?

How will the change in power in Washington impact our contacts, the programs we have relied on and new pandemic related and economic recovery programs that we need to jump start our local economies?

Join this conversation and provide your perspective and hear from others. NEDA will be using your ideas to create a webinar later in the Spring, showcasing new leaders and answering your questions. But first let's have a discussion about where we are right now.

NEDA Board Members Robert Santy, Kenneth Mbonu & Lyle Sclair will moderate this month's We NEDA Talk. Grab your lunch and join Bob, Kenneth and Lyle along with other members of the NEDA community for an open discussion.

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We NEDA Talks are held via Google Meet so everyone can be seen and heard as a group. Register in advance and you will receive via email a calendar invitation to join the Google Meet.